Vestel Launches Ground-Breaking Sardes Series

Vestel Launches Ground-Breaking Sardes Series

2017-08-29 | Optimizing lighting design, street by street, Vestel has created another visually striking and impactful street lighting solution with its new Sardes series.

Named after the architecturally opulent and gold-mined ancient city of Sardes, this street lighting is making history of its own, offering efficacy levels of up to 145 lm/W. Thirty per cent more efficient than other LED street lighting, it’s made for longer lasting, high efficiency brightness. 

With Sardes, incredible, versatile street lighting is not only attainable and cost-effective, but also a lasting investment. Sardes can remain operational for up to 50,000 hours, offering wider illumination coverage as well as better colour rendering than traditional sodium lighting.

Thanks to its LED design, Sardes street lighting is also robust and durable. Water and dust resistant, it can withstand the sound and vibration of even the most traffic-laden roads.

Sardes’ asymmetrical and symmetrical beam angles also maximize coverage, allowing for better illumination across wider roads as well as across dark pedestrian roadsides, walkways and paths. Entirely future proof, it works with numerous smart control devices, allowing for timed and seasonal illumination that can even be used to monitor footfall and traffic.

Inspired by a passion for design, the Sardes series offers a fluid wave- like aesthetic, a rounded soft edged look that can blend into and complement any urban setting.


An emerging new Company in the world of lighting, multi industry giant Vestel has made quick progress in the EMEA region, drawing on its vast business acumen to tap into the commercial needs of brand and architectural partners as well as those of retail chains, councils and industrial sites. Drawing on years’ worth of LED expertise and manufacturing experience, Vestel has won numerous globally acclaimed tenders with its leading-edge lighting solutions for indoor as well as outdoor lighting solutions. Understanding that every detail, every nuance in design can impact the overall environment, Vestel offers greater collaborative freedom, working with clients to realize their vision and ambition. 

At a Glance:

Power: 128W/90W/68W/47W/24W

Efficacy: up to 145 lm/W

CRI: >70

Life-time: 50,000 hours

IP Rating: IP66

Colour temperature: 4000K

Operating Temperature: -40°C /+50°C

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