Vestel announces the launch of TikTok on its Smart TVs

Vestel announces the launch of TikTok on its Smart TVs

Vestel, the largest TV manufacturer in Europe, is today announcing the arrival of TikTok on its vast range of Smart TVs. The app collaboration will see Vestel now bring the short-form video platform to more than twenty high-profile and premium TV brands, including its own portfolio of brand licences.

Especially designed for TV, the TikTok app is already available on all Vestel-designed Android Smart TV ranges for brands in the UK, Germany and France. The roll out of TikTok for Vestel Linux-based Smart TVs will start from the 20th, January, with the app set to launch on Vestel 2021 UHD TV ranges in early February, and on Vestel 2020 UHD TVs by the end of March.

Supporting the display of high definition TikTok content, the Vestel-manufactured Smart TVs bring more detail, vibrancy, and colour to the screen for a larger-than-life home viewing experience.

With TV features, such as 4K upscalers, and Micro Dimming, the picture quality of all TikTok content, including standard definition videos, can be further sharpened, and brightened to bring videos bang into focus.

Whether for chart-topping singles that have inspired the latest TikTok trends, or the trending sound, the audio is also clear and life-like, thanks to the TVs’ Dolby Audio feature.

The TV app makes it easy for everyone to enjoy and experience TikTok, even if they are unfamiliar with the platform, or don’t have an account. Those who have signed up to TikTok can log into their accounts and access personalised video selections, which include content from creators they actively follow, and video suggestions from their “For You” feeds. For a more interactive TikTok experience, fans can also use the remote to “like” videos.

Those without a TikTok account can still tune in, and access the “Discover” feed, which highlights a broad selection of pre-watershed, family-friendly trending clips, as well as new videos that are gaining traction across the platform.

To help everyone navigate TikTok’s endless library of content more quickly with the remote, the videos are divided into twelve categories, which range from animals and comedy to food and gaming.

Anyone looking for edutainment can easily search for the popular #LearnOnTikTok videos, which offer everything from cooking hacks to fitness tips and fun facts.

 “At Vestel, we are committed to keeping Smart TVs at the forefront of the entertainment experience”, said Barış Altınkaya, Vestel Vice President of Marketing and Product Management. “With the addition of TikTok to our Smart TV ranges, customers will now be able to access all the latest user-generated content from TikTok just as easily as TV series from the most popular streaming apps. The TikTok for TV app offers a family-friendly “big screen” viewing experience, and in the best possible audio-visual quality, enabling more people to enjoy TikTok together from the comfort of their sofas.

Accessing TikTok on Vestel-manufactured Smart TVs is simple. While the app will be pre-installed for all future Vestel Linux-based Smart TVs, current 2021 ranges only require customers to switch their TVs off and then on again for the app to appear on the Smart platform. For Vestel Android TV ranges, customers just need to search for the app and download it on the Google Play store. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

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